Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wet Moon

Hilo is on the wet side of the Big Island, a place of frequent rain. Trade winds from the Northeast are interrupted by mountainous Mauna Kea and Kilauea, dumping their precipitation here. We are surrounded by gardens and waterfalls. Thanks to abundant water, this side of the Big Island is a garden of life.

A new study of Apollo 17 samples indicates that the Moon contains 100 times more water than previously thought. This finding builds upon previous studies that have found ever more water. The researchers had to complete months of paperwork to use priceless Apollo samples, a process which this scientist has also experienced. The authors of this new study see the need for more samples to expand upon their findings. Up until a short time ago we had a plan to return by the early 2020's. Scientists and engineers still hope that humans will return again walk on the Moon.


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