Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tread Lightly, But Carry a Big Stick

The HAGGLUND BV206 is built in Sweden and used by UK, Canadian and Swedish militaries. It is also the principal tracked transport used in Antarctica. You may have seen it used in the movie EIGHT BELOW. (In fact, the last Australian husky dogs were retired in 1993.) The vehicle is made up of two articulated sections and can go anywhere, even float in water. It can also do 55 mph on the motorway. It does not cut the ground where it travels and is quite environmentally friendly.
In exploring Antarctica, it is a goal to disturb the environment as little as possible. Gone are the days when rubbish was simply buried. Now everything taken in must be taken out. Vehicles and habitats are designed to leave the smallest footprints.
Walk softly, but carry a big stick!


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The vehicle is made up of two articulated sections and can go anywhere, even float in water.

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