Monday, July 10, 2006

Onboard MV Aurora Australis

MV AURORA AUSTRALIS is Australia's principal Antarctic support and research vessel. I'll be staying onboard for the next week as guest of the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR). The equipment used to explore the Bottom of the World is fascinating. The wildlife and sealife down here is incredible. Research in Antarctica is as fascinating as exploring another planet.
This icebreaking ship is 95 m long and displaces approximately 3600 tons. She is a highly sophisticated multi-purpose vessel designed to fulfill the tasks of research and resuppy in a variety of environments. Using a bow thruster and two retractable stern thrusters, she can maneouvre in some tight spots. For a research vessel she is quite comfortable, with roomy cabins, a dining room and a library.
Predicting a changing speed of light can upset some scientific apple carts, but it gets one invited to lots of places. If anyone needs me, I'll be in cabin D18.
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