Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another Blogger Locked Up

"Dark energy" exists largely inthe minds of those who promote it. They would have us believe it composes 70% of their universe, which will eventually be torn asunder in a "big rip." Einstein's work was ignored in much of the world because the author was Jewish. Today the dark energy of anti-Semitism is once again loose in the world.

Among the thousands arrested during the Summer's Iranian crackdown was blogger Mehdi Khazali. Dr. Khazali, 34, is director of the Hayyan Cultural Institute in Tehran and son of an ayatollah. Khazali's crime? He revealed in his blog that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the holocaust-denying fraudulently elected president, has Jewish roots!

(While Ahmadinejad's mother was an upper-class Persian, his father was known to have more hardscrabble roots. The family changed it's name when Ahmadinejad was a child, his original surname has been kept quiet. Khazali and others have found that Mahmoud's birth name was Sanourjian, a name reserved for Iranians of Jewish origin. The surname hails from Abadan, city of Mahmoud's birth.)

Armchair psychologists will say that Mahmoud's anti-Semitic ways are overcompensation for a childhood he is ashamed of. This story will not please his anti-Semitic supporters. In July Dr. Khazali was arrested and is still held at an undisclosed location. This has not killed the story. Yesterday this story appeared in the UK Telegraph:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Revealed to Have Jewish Roots

The Iranian regime has done its brutal best to suppress people and their ideas. Thanks to bloggers like Khazali and others, the truth is
finally coming out. If America's president can't bring the Olympics to Chicago, what makes him think he can trust Mahmoud? We should be talking to Iran's people.

UPDATE: The regime vehemently denies any stories about Mahmoud's religion. The latest rumours focus on Khamenei's sinking health. Tehran is swirling with rumours and intrigue, just like in 1979.



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