Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two Into One

The "Number One Plays and Players" began years ago performing for NASA employees in the Gilruth Center at JSC. Houston's latest hit is TWO INTO ONE, by master of British farce RAY COONEY. A civil servant in the Home Office tries to arrange an extramarital affair with the girl in a towel. Being a British civil servant, he messes everything up. The Minister's wife and the girl's husband (right) show up with disastrous consequences!

The real UK government is still more incompetent than any Ray Cooney farce. Friend Nige pointed out this article from the Times:

Britain is appeasing Iran, Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi says

Dr. Ebadi is the only Persian to have won a Nobel peace prize. She and her family have endured arrest and persecution for telling the truth about Iran. She believes that Britain's government has ignored the regime's appalling record in order to cut a deal.

Though Scotsman Gordon Brown is UK Prime Minister, he still wields great influence in Scotland. Last month Abdel Megrahi, sentenced to 27 years for the Lockerbie bombing, was released to a hero's welcome in Libya. Moammar Kaddafi publicly thanked his 'friend' Gordon Brown and others for helping to swing the deal. In exchange Libya has promised oil and trade.

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith banned radio personality Michael Savage and others from Britain for their political views. Her husband, who was also on the government payroll, was caught watching dirty movies at home alone and charging them to the taxpayer. Smith has since resigned in disgrace, though documents indicate that Gordon Brown approved her actions. In interviews Smith has admitted to being completely unprepared for the job, having no experience running a major organisation. Dr. Savage has 2 masters degrees, in medical botany and medical anthropology, and a PhD from the University of California Berkeley in epidemiology and nutrition sciences. He and others are still banned from Britain by the bureaucracy.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders was banned from Britain for his views, but flew to Heathrow anyway. He was publicly detained and sent back. Many innocent travellers, celebrated or not, have been detained by Britain's dictatorial Immigration Office. When Heathrow's Terminal 5 was opened last year, thousands of travellers and their baggage were stranded for days due to system malfunctions. Failures like these are systematic in British bureacracy, a fine subject for a Ray Cooney farce.

The theatre program says that the girl in a towel is an experienced actress and a scientist working at NASA. How can someone who looks like that (meaning female) be a scientist? How could she solve the "dark energy" problem that thousands of scientists can't figure out? Why does NASA give her money and a security badge for Johnson Space Center? This can't be right--something must be wrong with a woman's equations! Commenters feel a duty to pepper her blog with silly comments, trying in vain to find some flaw with the math or data. If that doesn't work, perhaps she can be stopped at an airport...

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Blogger Kea said...

Fortunately, stopping people at airports cannot destroy ideas. Even killing people cannot destroy ideas whose time has come. One day I hope to enjoy one of your shows.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

"Commenters feel a duty to pepper her blog with silly comments, trying in vain to find some flaw with the math or data."

Hi Louise, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude or confrontational, but to me it appears that there ARE flaws in your math and the claims of agreement with supernova data. I don't think Bjoern's or my comments are "silly". My questions arose from taking a serious look at your papers and plots and trying to understand how the results were obtained. Following your method I get something which differs wildly from your plot. It's certainly possible I've made a mistake in applying your theory - if so I would welcome a correction, but you have declined to do that.

Bjoern's question is also quite legitimate. It is contradictory to set the curvature z to 0 in the FRW metric if you want to use spherical space S^3, which has strictly positive curvature. For that you would need to set z=1.

Bloggers such as Kea have challenged others to put up evidence that your theory is incorrect, but when this is done it is ignored. Of course, you aren't obliged to satisfy the curiousity of commenters such as myself, but surely you realise that referees for journals will ask similar questions?

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

I agree with many (though not all) of your criticisms of the UK - I'm not terribly happy with the place myself. On the other hand, many of its faults seem not to be unique.

"Appeasing" Iran regarding human rights while concentrating on the nuclear issue is probably regrettable in a way but might well be sensible priority setting and seems to me to be a fairly minor issue compared with the human rights problems in other countries which the US (and UK) have been much more friendly with. I'm thinking of Uzbekistan, for example.

The UK is not the only country to exclude people for seemingly political reasons (i.e., for reasons other than a criminal record or whatever):

10:06 AM  
Blogger L. Riofrio said...

For kea: Thanks, women who suffer repeated attacks like Dr. Ebadi and keep moving forward are heroines.

4:08 PM  
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