Monday, May 13, 2019


I am subject of an article in UK DAILY STAR, one of the biggest newspapers. NASA Scientist Claims Speed of Light Is Changing


Blogger David Brown said...

"Warping space to reach other solar systems ..." Such warping is totally incompatible with general relativity theory — however, the assumption that the radius of our universe is constant might be tenable.
I say that Milgrom is the Kepler of contemporary cosmology — on the basis of overwhelming empirical evidence. However, the Riofrio model is incompatible with general relativity theory unless gravitational energy is paradoxically decreasing as the age of the universe increases. If my basic theory is wrong then my guess is that the empirical successes of Milgrom's MOND are explained by D-brane inertial forces and that fermions are D-brane fuzzballs.
My guess is that my basic theory is empirically valid if and only if there is an Einstein-Riofrio duality principle that explains the Riofrio model. THIS ALLOWS (some of ) THE RIOFRIO PREDICTIONS TO BE CONSISTENT WITH (modifed) GENERAL RELATIVITY THEORY.
I suggest that Einstein's field equations require 3 modifications:
(1) dark-matter-compensation-constant = (3.9±.5) * 10^-5 ;
(2) cutoff that bounds graviton wavelengths away from zero ;
(3) cutoff that bounds graviton wavelengths away from infinity.
"MOND works far too well!"
Pavel Kroupa, Wikiquote

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Ken Pascoe said...

It's great to get into the paper! The writer is pushing the speculative time travel angle to have a 'story hook' for the readers. He doesn't really address the point that your discovery helps us understand the universe much better, and proof of it will give us a new direction in physics (overall, not just cosmology).

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Ken Pascoe said...

Commented too soon. Now I watched the second video about black holes. Hmmmmmm.... Black hoes as a source of energy we could use at the surface of Earth? Fascinating. Not sure how we would get the energy from the core, but if we could, it changes everything.

6:18 AM  
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Anonymous La magie d'un bon groupe said...

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