Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Science News Article

I am back in the papers. It started with an article in SCIENCE TRENDS: Atomic Clock in Space to Test Changing Speed of Light


Blogger Akira said...

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Blogger David Brown said...

"If the speed of laser light were changing today ..." I suggest that the speed of light is not changing, but instead something is (non-relativistically) wrong with Newton's law of gravity.
Pavel Kroupa, Wikiquote
Please google "kroupa milgrom", "mcgaugh milgrom", "sanders milgrom", and "scarpa milgrom".

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Blogger David Brown said...

Is Louise Riofrio a genius of cosmology? The answer might be "Yes." Louise Riofrio has written a book "The Speed of Light" which seems to contradict both quantum field theory and general relativity and even the special theory of relativity. What might be going on? Consider two concepts of the speed of light: Einstein-speed-of-light and Riofrio-speed-of-light. Does the percentage of dark matter remain constant over cosmological time? I suggest that the answer to the preceding question is "No." If my suggestion is correct then there might be a way of reconciling "Einstein-speed-of-light" with "Riofrio-speed-of-light".
According to my basic theory, nature is finite and digital; quantum information reduces to Fredkin-Wolfram information; and the dark-matter-compensation-constant = (3.9±.5) * 10^-5. Consider the following speculation: Photons and gluons cannot escape from the universe in which they are located. Gravitons travel at the speed of light on average. A statistically significant few gravitons travel slower than the speed of light. These slow gravitons cause the Fernández- Rañada-Milgrom effect. A statistically few gravitons travel faster than the speed of light and escape from the boundary of the multiverse into the interior of the multiverse. These fast gravitons cause the nonzero cosmological constant and the inflaton field. Electromagnetic radiation from the inflaton field shows up as the space roar. If the fast gravitons never escaped from the universe in which they are located, then the slow gravitons and the fast gravitons would average out, yielding Einstein’s field equations with cosmological constant = zero and dark-matter-compensation-constant = zero. You might ask, "So what?" Let G denote Newton's gravitational constant. Let M denote the mass of the universe. Let t denote the age of the universe. (Assume that t is sufficiently far away from both the T-cutoff and the R-cutoff.) If my speculation is correct, then perhaps
GM =
(Riofrio-constant) * t * (1/gravitational-redshift-due-to-density-of-dark-matter-at-time-t)^3 thus reconciling Einstein-speed-of-light and Riofrio-speed-of-light.

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