Monday, March 19, 2012

Model of the Universe

I have started a new project on Kickstarter, to spread models of the Universe. You've seen globes and models of the Moon, planets and solar system. For the cost of a latte, you will have a downloadable model of the entire Universe sitting on your desktop! The model also includes the stars and constellations of the hemisphere. Any proceeds will go toward publication costs and registration at an international conference I'm invited to. Check it out and tell all your friends!

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Blogger ThePeSla said...


Can you tell me more about what would be a universe on a desktop? I mean at one time we could get discs of the entire sky (paid for by the taxpayers so available to all for a limited time and even with more depth if one explained why it was needed (to the navy I think) alas, I lost the discs with some belongings.

Also I have thought about this mystery or discovery at the center of the moon and made comments related to such things on my blog- but I am not trying to dispute your findings or the need for such research and theory in our time.

This sounds a noble project and a worthy one- I enjoy your blog.

The PeSla (who may have a contribution but after ten days)

10:32 AM  
Blogger Mukesh Choudhary said...

This is so cool way of designing the things to get awesome layouts

9:19 AM  

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