Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asteroid Life

Speaking of asteroids and life, this article just appeared in COSMOS magazine:

Meteorite Shows How Precursors of Life Evolved

"Organic matter found in a meteorite shows how the chemical precursors of life developed in deep space, with some asteroids acting like 'molecular factories' transforming life's ingredients before shipping them to Earth."

The article refers to the Tagish Lake meteorite, which was found in British Columbia in 2000. Examination of the meteorite has found organic molecules, the precursors of life. Many scientists have suggested that life may have began somewhere in Space, its precursors landing on Earth via meteorite or comet impacts. We may all be descended from extraterrestrial life.



Anonymous Picture editor said...

Interesting theory, never thought this way. It may be actually true, sounds rather logical. I also heard a good hypothesis about life created by Moon which was not so far away from Earth that time mixing life ingredients with its gravity during tremendous fluctuations.

Thanks for the reference!

10:03 PM  

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