Sunday, February 06, 2011

Magnetic Pole Flipping?

The near-simultaneous occurrence of two huge storms on opposite ends of Earth reminds one of this old photo from the POLAR satellite. The satellite image is here superimposed upon Earth. Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, the Northern and Southern Lights occur simultaneously! They are part of a huge electric circuit powered by Earth's internal dynamo. Positive and negative, dancing in unison like Ying and Yang. How beautiful, wonderful and little-understood this planet is.

At Tampa (Florida) International airport, runways are being renamed because of shifts in Earth's field. Runway 18 will be Runway 19, from 180 degrees magnetic North to 190 degrees. The magnetic North pole, presently located near Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada, was first located in 1831. Its location was nearly constant until 1904, when it started shifting at about 15 kilometres per year. In the late 1980's it sped up, and is now moving at nearly 60 kilometres per year.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a weak spot in Earth's magnetic field. The area beneath the SAA has much less shielding from cosmic radiation. International Space Station operations are planned to avoid this region. The anomaly is known to be growing and spreading westwards into the Atlantic. Some suspect that magnetic field changes could have unknown effects on Earth's climate, possibly affecting the appearance of very large storms.

Geophysicist Arnaud Chulliat of the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris believes that a rapidly changing region of magnetism exists at the boundary of Earth's core. Furthermore, Chulliat believes this region is powered by a "plume" of magnetism emanating from deep within the core. This inner region could be dragging the magnetic field with it. The source of this plume may be found not in geology, but in the physics of a Black Hole.

As readers of this blog know, Earth's centre could be the location of a small Black Hole. The singularity would be a relic of a time near the Big Bang. Earth would have formed around it like a pearl around a grain of sand. The Black Hole is far too tiny to swallow us up, but the small amount it does eat is converted into radiation. Outward radiation pressure prevents the core from collapsing and is responsible for Earth's core heat.

Earth's inner core may be a whirlwind of charged particles spiraling around the singularity. The Black Hole rotates within Earth, dragging charged particles around it to create a dipolar magnetic field. The "positive" pole would be in the South exactly as observed. Periodically the spinning singularity would change direction, dragging Earth's magnetic field with it.

The magnetic pole spent a long time near one spot until 100 years ago. Like a pendulum, the pole would wander away at an increasing rate. It would continue to wander until it nears the other end of its swing. The wanderings of Earth's magnetic pole could be the gyrations of a spinning Black Hole.

As Australia and the US dig out from huge storms, we are reminded how little humans know about the workings of their planet. The amount of radiation reaching Earth is affected by the magnetic field. While we witness the wanderings of Earth's magnetic field, humans have failed to see what may be beneath all their feet. The source of polar wanderings could be a Hole in the Earth.

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Blogger Ulla said...

This is a contradiction statement?

"Earth would have formed around it like a pearl around a grain of sand. The Black Hole is far too tiny to swallow us up, but the small amount it does eat is converted into radiation."

The hole both creates Earth first, and then start to eat it? What has made the change in function?

Look at the expanding Earth theory. Earth is 'growing' like an atom. What happen if the magnetic field goes away temporarily in a pole shift?

10:14 PM  
Blogger qraal said...

Hi Louise
So how big is the Universe? If R = ct but c has been changing, then how big is R now?

1:57 AM  
Blogger L. Edgar Otto said...


I recall an interesting idea that the liquid core of the earth has some forms of solid iron in which it is a crystal but not a perfect one, more like a twined one what as it spins causes some variation in the location of the poles (consider this as we can have multiple objects like the black holes.)

qraal, the ultimate theories can be scaleless- but the "big" or maximum expansion of one universe is a measure of energy. Relativity questions aside where physics breaks down at infinity, why not from deep creative and complex number things we observe amplification as in electronic circuits?

Are we surprised the abstract van Allen torus has N and S effects- or that the strength of the poles can be seen as ultimately different?

A good answer to you required a much wider physics than we now understand. Good questions though.

6:47 AM  
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Blogger fxp said...

Hello, your theory is perfectly in accordance with the Nassim Haramein Theory:

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Nathanael said...

if Paramahamsa Tewari's theory about of space vortices is correct then there should naturally be black holes at the centre of all celestial bodies where the ether is spinning at the speed of light, effectively creating a large particle (black hole). This is also his explanation for the super massive black holes in the centre of galaxies.

7:30 AM  
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