Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Bang in Iran

A tiny Black Hole in Earth's core would not suck up the planet. The small amount it did eat would be largely converted to radiation. Outward radiation pressure would balance gravity's inward pull until equlilibrium was achieved. We would feel this radiation in the internal heat that causes earthquakes and volcanoes, forms continents and islands. Some of this heat would also form petrochemicals in Earth's interior. The petroleum that powers your car could be formed by leftover energy from a primordial Black Hole.

Though it has been largely forgotten by most media (who would rather obsess over Michael Jackson) the struggle in Iran continues. On August 14 an explosion rocked the Pars Petrochemical facility in Bandar Assaluyeh, the country's largest. The explosion, almost certainly sabotage, knocked out the country's supply of Liquified Petroleum Gas. Most of Tehran's busses and taxis have been converted to run on LPG because of the continuing shortage of gasoline. More protests and strikes are coming soon. Despite the horrific oppression, the people's struggle continues.

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Blogger Zephir said...

/*...Outward radiation pressure would balance gravity's inward pull until equilibrium was achieved..*/

Only if we consider uncharged black hole without magnetic field. Real black hole could convert Earth into glowing and spinning magnetar rather quickly.

8:02 PM  
Blogger L. Riofrio said...

Not to worry, Earth's Black Hole would be a little one of about 10^21 kg. The innermost 300 km of Earth's core would indeed be a whirling mass of charged particles similar to a magnetar. You may be on to something, for larger Black Holes could indeed be the power sources of pulsars and magetars.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Zephir said...

/*...Earth's Black Hole would be a little ...*/
I see, just another "hollow Earth" theory..

5:14 PM  
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