Friday, August 01, 2008

Water and Life

Thursday NASA made official news that water has been found on Mars. This has been called by some a "non-discovery," since evidence for H2O has been mounting for years. When NASA someday announces that the speed of light is slowing or that a Black Hole exists in Earth's core, it will be because of overwhelming evidence from multiple sources. The biggest news is that the Phoenix Lander found water directly beneath the landing site. This implies that it can be found anywhere in the region you set down.

Even bigger news may be forthcoming. According to AVIATION WEEK, the White House has been briefed on new information regarding the potential for life. The data presumably comes from the Microscopy, Electrochemistry and Conductivity Analyzer. MECA uses multiple tests to determine if Martian soil can support life. We may soon hear announcement that Mars can support life as we know it.

Also this week discovery was announced of an enormous lake on Titan's South Pole. As in the subsurface lakes of Earth's Antarctic, this implies a subsurface source of heat. Much has been written in this blog about nearby Enceladus' South polar hot spot. Saturn herself has hot spots centred on the poles. What could cause the poles of all these diverse worlds to be hotter than the rest of the surface? Heat plumes rising to the poles resemble the twin jets of a singularity. The centres of Earth, Titan, Enceladus and even might Saturn could be locations of Black Holes.

Water and life have been suspected on Mars since the Schiaparelli first claimed to observe "canals." After multiple visits by spacecraft, we finally have definitive evidence of water. More data and possibly a sample return will be needed to find life. It may take many lines of evidence to discover a Black Hole in the Earth.

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