Monday, July 13, 2009

Shadow of the Moon and Wonder Of It All

STS-127 attempted to launch bot Saturday and Sunday nights. After each day's launch was scrubbed, the evening was not lost. Saturday night, University of Houston Clear Lake (adjacent to JSC) played the documentary SHADOW OF THE MOON, introduced by Flight Controller Glenn Lunney. The movie told the intimate story of 8 men who landed on the Moon. Only 9 moonwalkers survive, and their experiences are priceless.

Sunday night at 8:00 PM Space Center Houston's IMAX theatre was host to the new film THE WONDER OF IT ALL. Way back in May 2008 we previewed this fine film at ISDC in Wahington. WONDER also features interviews with the men who walked on the Moon. Here director Jeffrey Roth answers questions with Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham (who looks great, by the way).

Another launch attempt is scheduled for 6:51 PM ET Monday. Our hopes still travel with the astronauts into Space.

UPDATE: At about 6:30 PM EST, we received a NO GO for weather. They will try again Wednesday. Meanwhile in the Pacific, SpaceX is counting down to launch Falcon 1 into orbit. What an exciting week!

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