Monday, July 13, 2009

Disney in Paris

Each Disney park is a bit different, which makes it fun to visit them all. Disneyland Resort Paris emphasises the European roots of fairy tales, starting with the castle.

Tomorrowland has become Discoveryland, inspired by France's native son Jules Verne. The decor is 19th century steampunk, full of brass and rivets. A redesigned Space Mountain blasts you off in a cannon like FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON. The Hyperion airship from Disney's ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD was inspired by the French Lebaudy airships of 100 years ago.

Not everything in Discoveryland is steampunk-- this X-wing fighter decorates the Star Tours outpost. There is no monorail, but the park has a rail station served by TGV and RER from Paris. In Europe the dream of superfast trains has already come true. NEXT: Mysteries of the Nautilus.

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