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Encounter With Enceladus

After the March 12 flyby, Cassini has returned the closest pictures yet of Saturn's moon Enceladus. For the first time we are seeing the Northern hemisphere. Already we have found that the South Pole is a "hot spot." The Southern hemisphere is extremely young, being continually resurfaced. In contrast the Northern Hemisphere is much older, as evidenced by the many craters. Why are North and South so different?

Because the Southern hot spot spews materiel from the Moon's interior into Space, Cassini can sample what Enceladus is made of. The atmosphere contains nitrogen, which is produced from the decomposition of ammonia (NH3). That process requires temperatures in excess of 850 degrees Kelvin. Total energy production of Enceladus has been estimated at 10^9 Watts! The atmospheric plume also contains traces of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), propane (C3H8) and acetylene (C2H2). Radioactive isotopes of these elements are all very short-lived.

Scientists have speculated about radioactive aluminium and iron. The only naturally-occuring isotope of aluminium is Al26, which has a half-life of only 720,000 years. The longest-lived isotope or iron, Fe60 has a half-life of 1.5 million years, an eyeblink in geologic time. Even potassium 40 has a half-life of 1.3 billion years. If these elements were found at Enceladus, (they were not) the Moon should have run out of fuel billions of years ago.

Enceladus can be modelled with a central singularity of 10^12 kg, typical for a primordial Black Hole. The singularity consumes only 2.8 kg of mass per year generating 10^9 Watts of radiation. Water and other molecules near the centre are heated to a plasma. Electrons are stripped from atoms, and the resulting ions are drawn into circular orbits around the core. The resulting electric current generates a magnetic field with the "positive" pole in the South.

Electrons and positively charged ions spiral along magnetic field lines to form bipolar jets, the classic sign of a singularity. The Northern jet is composed of electrons which are absorbed by the moon's interior. More energetic ions of the Southern jet penetrate these layers to warm the South Pole. Escaping ions spiral into Space, exactly as observed by Cassini.

Without replenishment, Saturn's Rings would decay within 100 million years. Then we would face the anthropic question of why they exist at just the right time for humans to view them. Thanks to Cassini, we have witnessed the E Ring being resupplied from Enceladus. This observation suggests that other, unseen satellites maintain the Rings.

Saturn's rings and icy moons show conditions similiar to our Solar System's formation. Discoveries about Enceladus may tell us about Earth. Our planet also produces internal heat and a magnetic field. Earth's core may also be a place to seek signs of a Black Hole. We are only beginning to undestand our Universe and its formation.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earth's Core is Changing Back, and this explanation given me of it’s complete transformation will answer even the Ancient Mayan's WHY and HOW the Earth as we know it, is changing so much; and why now, so much talk about UFOs; even why Souls of Ghost don't die; and how the celestial colony governed by Satan became God of this planet;

Long before a Historic event referred to as the Fall of Man, and long before Earth’s Mantle Core's ignition of flames did die out, and long before changes of this Rock’s surface cooled unto tolerable degrees, and spawned life; the Core of this planet rested as the foot, to one particular Celestial Nation and their alignment of Colonies which set up in the First Dimensional Level of the Second Universal Plane; Earth now sits in the Seventh Universal Plane of this Nine Universal Foundation; Most all Souls now inhabiting this planet, did also hold existence in one of countless settled areas there in a Higher Region of space; What many have failed to understand or remember, is that during all early evolving of this global surface we now call Earth, there were also the re-homesteading of many High Celestial Tribal Colonies and their associated Advanced Celestial Colonies which were also falling from there once held higher Celestial positions during this era referred to as the Fall of Man;

Most all Souls now inhabiting this planet, did also hold existence in one of countless settled areas there in a Higher Region of space; What many have failed to understand or remember, is that during all early evolving of this global surface we now call Earth, there were also the re-homesteading of many High Celestial Tribal Colonies and their associated Advanced Celestial Colonies which were also falling from there once held higher Celestial positions;

Most such High Tribal Colonies and their associated Advanced Colonies knew nothing of the other such Tribal Colonies and their associated Advanced Colonies before this famed falling of MAN took place; even though many displaced Colonies falling in this region of the galaxy, were of the same Mother Sphere housing that Nation’s Governing Source of Power (GOD Head); Such a Mother Sphere holds many such associated branched Colonies and their Celestial alignments in place.

Giant Domicile Hosts of each such Mother Sphere, stands larger than the full bulk of Earth’s sun; also associated with each such Mother Sphere are four smaller Parenting Spheres resembling in size to the known Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Yet each of these Giant Domicile Spheres have long since fallen from their upper Celestial Positions and covered greatly in space debris; Each such Mother Sphere set in their own space there in the Second Universal Plane; in process of time, linked through time and space, each Mother Sphere’s ‘First’ associated spin-off Sphere also designed of a Parenting Nature, set in the Third Universal Plane; a Second Parenting Sphere set in the Fourth Universal Plane, a Third Parenting Sphere set in the Fifth Universal Plane, and the Fourth associated Parenting Sphere set in the Sixth Universal Plane; know that Earth is now in the Seventh Universal Plane;

In process of time, each Parenting Sphere’s inner contained Mystic Field of Plasma Energy sustained of a High Frequency similar to a cold fusion process, were implanted with an active ‘Plasma Filament Design’ which generated a growing Plasma Circuitry of Charged Energy’; each such immaculate Filament Design developed into a Unique Living ‘Plasma Entity’, of Supreme Intelligence; much later in time each such Plasma Entity was referred to as a Living Soul; Because of each inhabited Mystic Field of Accelerated Plasma Energy’s unique qualities, each were referred to as a ‘Central Power Source’ or a ‘God Head’;

In time, a generation of similar Design of Souls associated with every Parenting Mystic Dielectric Sphere were implanted, nurtured and developed; yet only each First Soul, were designed to exist as One with Powers of their particular Mystic Dielectric Sphere and Skeleton Framework associated with their Governing Power Source; also in the beginning, each such First Soul were referred to as Female; each First Colony were also referred to as Female; in highest of Celestial Matters, a Male Soul was abstract of the Female Soul; and only eons after eons upon eons, did a ‘First Male’ of a ‘First Male Colony’ come into creation which was associated with a new design of it’s Own unique Shafted Framework; one such new design and generation of Souls, have been referred to as Adam.

In this manner. a Soul first existed as a Charged Plasma Filament Design which first evolved into a Living Intelligent Plasma Circuitry of Energy; each Intelligent Form of Energy evolved into a Ghost-like appearance of Cohered Plasma; each Condensed Plasma Composite gave shape to each their Ghost-like existence; as Colonies branched out, Souls evolved, and in time, Souls possessed different designs of Physical appearance;

A brief history of Celestial matters, explaining Spin Off Colonies, Pyramid Power Facilities, Cherub Satellite Relay Stations, Worm-Hole-Portals, Pockets of Open Space called Heaven, and secrets of the big bang, you can find at

Readings of that article will allow you to better understand that which is referred to as the Fall of Man; and how many Celestial Hosts and their attending Colonies, were cut off in order to keep from contaminating their Parenting God Head Source. This was done because Power Sources had become contaminated through the action of ONE Satellite Relay Station. This was held in record by the story of Adam and Eve; Here was the falling from place of one particular Celestial Colony which included their Archangel Satellite/Relay Station, and all their Domicile Structures housing their Celestial Kingdom, even their Lunar Facility and it’s Moon Colony. Included in their falling from place, was their Great Pyramid Power Facility whose base could cover the territory of Texas;

But there was this ONE particular disobedient Colony associated with their specific Pocket of Open Space (heaven) there up in the Sixth Universal Plane, which was actually that Colony who had enticed such ill deeds having cause that great known disaster referred to as the fall of MAN. When this ONE particular Colony had been cast from their high position, so were their Queen/King Pyramid Power Facility, their mobile Domed City, and their Cherub Satellite/Relay Station; Here is the colony governed by Satan.

Once cast from high position, all first fell into this Seventh Universal Plane; Most of their Structural Hosts continued in a falling process through space and time down through to the First Dimensional Level there in the Eighth Universal Plane; it is this Plane which hold Levels referred to as hell, Hades, and the fiery furnace; after this Colony’s casting from place, all their associated mobile crafts and flying craft set up residence within this the Seventh Universal Plane far from this area of space; their other associated Cherub Satellite/Relay Station which had been placed inside the protective core of their identity star, also fell from inside it’s Mirrored Domain and was dismantled;

This particular Cherub’s inner Contained Dielectric Sphere and it’s attached fission core framework, were set in orbit as to diffuse it‘s fission core and empty the Mystic Dielectric Sphere’s contaminated field of Quantum Plasma Energy which was held under works of cold fusion; such a Plasma compound being unethically altered, had produced the capability of an uncommonly high frequency (more subtil); than any Beast (or star mass) of the Field;

It was due to the very releasing of this Contaminated Plasma Energy so compressed within the Dielectric Sphere, that the force of it’s out-spray cause the Mystic Dielectric Sphere and it’s attached fission core’s framework, to venture in a vast circling orbit until it‘s fission core life had ended; This was kept in records known as the serpent called the devil cast from heaven; yet this celestial object has also been referred to as a comet.

Now the very diffusing of these contaminated Quantum Accelerated Ions falling though space from such a high level passing through orbit, is that which caused in itself a greater degree of contamination through the interchanging of particle streams which linked each Pyramid (MAN) Power Facility with their refueling Stations setting in place; many of which were positioned in an alignment of different Celestial Colonies. Here was the falling from place of many such Celestial Colonies associated with each Fourth Dimensional Level of each upper six Universal Planes; Here also were the falling out of place of many Cherub Satellite/Relay Stations in their Lunar Facilities, many Domed Cities and their Mobil and flying Crafts, many Queen/King Pyramid Power Facilities and their Flat Land Developments;

Keeping things in perspective; Fallen Celestial and High Tribal Colonies are different from colonies of the Neanderthal man. These were spawned due to the blending of the complex cosmic compounds. One being a green fluid released during decontamination of a specific inner Core Facility; one being the jettison black ash spew of dehydrated Plasma also released from a specific inner Core Facility and falling back to the outer surface of the Rock; and a third was a sparkling quantity of Electrical Charged Plasma falling down from overhead onto the now planet of Earth; such falling of charged particles had took place during the decontamination process of an Archangel Satellite/Relay Station’s Mystic Dielectric Sphere; This had occurred during the time planets were much closer together, and during the era associated with that famed fall of MAN.

Individual groups of the Neanderthal man were nurtured in separate tribal areas, they were overseen by individually established Advanced Celestial Colonies. In time through process of reincarnation, descendants of the Neanderthal and celestials would walk in a same similar appearance. Up until now, developments of upper celestial colonies and all works of their advanced technology, were kept secret from surface matters of this planet.

Again stepping back a little. over time, advanced Colonies which had re-established their homesteading in both nearby scattered areas and in alignments above Earth, were aware their Power Facilities were continuing in their loss of energy. Such energy sustained the very mobility and cloaking barrier which kept hidden each their Mobile Crafts from outside view. As powers sources deplenished of their plasma compound, frequencies fell; as frequencies fell, structures once hidden in their Pockets of Space, now fell from inside to continue their fall through time and space; Also during the era, Celestial Colonies fell from inside their Pocket of Space, associated High Tribal Colonies yet atop their Flat Land Developments, also fell from place, yet they and the very land of soil they once stood on in higher place, was the very land of soil which settled atop the early evolving Planet of Earth;

During this era of the Fall, Pyramids of their Exotic materials failing in frequency acceleration, lowered themselves and their attached Lands from upper positions, to settle their richly flourishing soil atop the surface of this newly evolving Planet. Gradually all structures of what Celestial Worlds contained became temporarily visible to residence outside the realm of now settled flourishing Lands of Soil; beyond the scope of celestial Lands, eyes could only see barren Earthly surroundings. Now as time past, it was during the purging of each such Pyramid’s inner plasmatomic reactor core, and Mystic Dielectric Field containing a quantity of accelerated Plasma Energy which was now referred to as the Pyramid’s Eye; During the purging process, a back-up of associated minerals filled every open area of the Pyramid’s inner structural design; After such a purging, and the solidifying of minerals, the actual Structure of each Exotic Pyramid, continuing in it’s frequency de-acceleration, did vanish from view to set in what is referred to as the first level of the Eighth Universal Plane; some refer to this zone as the first level of Hell or purgatory.

As Exotic Structure of each Pyramid vanished from the surface of this planet, each left behind a molded cast of their inner structures, one such casting is now referred to as the Sphinx. This marked the era when Gods became Kings, and the era when their were giants (structural Hosts of UFOs) in the Land.

Now that the very foundation of many Celestial Colonies and their Lands had fallen from higher celestial place, their Flying Crafts and Mystical Cities had to be put on a sort of sleep mode to reserve energy. Only a few Celestial Colony members at a time were chosen to remain active crewmembers. Minds or Souls of the remainder of a Celestial Colony were put in a collective of ‘accelerated stasis’ inside a specific power source of a Central Mystic Dielectric Sphere which was also designed for this purpose.

It was also in this manner a specific count of the High Tribal Colonies could live out tribal lives in their surrounding regions, while others rested in accelerated stasis of their specific Mystic Dielectric Spheres. It was one of these such Mystical Spheres which have been referred to as the Bosom of Father Abraham; It would be at the point of disembodiedment, that a mind or Soul would be drawn back into, their specific Mystic Dielectric Sphere for such periods during accelerated stasis. This would allow a Mind or Soul which was already in stasis to be reincarnated as a tribal member; Such matters of reincarnation were kept in similar order even before the falling from place.

Such a Mystic Dielectric Sphere ranges from twelve inches in diameter or smaller, to fifty feet in diameter and larger, depending on the size of the Craft or Power Facility. Some Crafts were as large as known Cities, and some Power Facilities stood as tall as one fourth the width of Earth‘s moon.

Many smaller Mystic Dielectric spheres being fifty feet in diameter, were those associated with the Eye of smaller sized Pyramid Power Sources like the sphinx. Other Larger Mystic Dielectric Spheres will sit as large as Earth’s moon.

Now, as all fallen Facilities began to deplenish of power, some smaller facilities hid themselves in mountains, some in the ocean. Frameworks of Larger Crafts were dissembled and laid in different places; once dismantled, a few of the mammoth size Spheres rested as moons and small planets; during these days solar systems became known was waste areas.

Colonies were to wait for the automatic replenishing of a specific Pure Plasma Compound, unmixed with the electron element referred to as the (sin product). Such a Plasma Compound contaminated with the electron, would not be able to accelerated to a specific Marc necessary to quantum leap outside this the Seventh Universal Plane.

But now as time had past, unknowingly to those celestial colonies of advanced technology who had already established themselves in, around and about this planet, the same colony who had entice long ago the devastating Falling from place, was that same colony who had come from a far portraying themselves to be associated with a Mother Sphere’s Governing Source of Power; Yet this wicked Colony portraying themselves to have come from outside this Seventh Universal Plane, offering advances of their technology for the benefit of all celestial colonies associated with this Planet as well as for the good benefit of surface humanity. They actually had a very devious plan in play. Offering great advantages, this wicked colony secretly engineered a power facility using an unorthodox technology for the purpose of using a much heavier accelerated hydrogen gas. One part of their power facilities was adapted to Ancient Facilities already on the moon unknowingly to many humankind; the other was attached to facilities already positioned below ocean waters as to abstract hydrogen ions from the Earth’s Core.

With all things in place a powerful traction beam was activated from this colony‘s associated giant “cathode satellite”, that same once dismantled Cherub which had been put on a vast voyage during the diffusing of their plasmatomic core, and the decompressing of it’s Mystic Dielectric Sphere’s plasma energy under cold fusion; Most all celestial colonies associated with planet of Earth had believed these visitors to be representatives from outside this the seventh Universal Plane, and associated with their original Parenting Source of Power; and One who was to return them back to their original Higher positions from which they had long since fallen from.

But on that day, the beam was activated, the invisible ray was used to widen a rip in a matrix of the Universal Foundation, in order to pull out this wicked colony’s associated ancient pyramid power facility from the back side of the Universal Foundation from which it had been banished long long before. But most all celestial people believed that this pyramid host was their promised power facility which had powers to change their plasma core’s contaminated plasma compound into a pure and potent compound which would allow them to return back to their High Celestial Places; and to further fool the celestial people associated with planet of Earth, a switch of their rising pyramid’s powerful Mystic Dielectric sphere functioning as the pyramid’s eye, had already took place.

Such a secretive switch of such a powerful head part, caused the celestial people to believe this pyramid host was the same pyramid host which had previously been deactivated of it’s plasmatomic core and previously drained of it’s Mystic Dielectric Sphere’s Plasma compound, was now rejuvenated and resurrected. For this deceitful reason as their ancient pyramid host was being tractioned out from the back side, most all celestial people attuned their power facilities to the ion reception of this particular pyramid by way of their cathode satellite; and once the pyramid initiated it’s velocity spin unto marc of quantum leap, it did sit highest up in the top of this Seventh Universal Plane far out in space; in this manner the ancient pyramid power facility became king and god to most all celestial people associated with this Planet of Earth.

Now Up until a short time ago, this cathode satellite which set far out in space appearing as a twinkling star, had continued to draw it‘s power from Earth’s Core by means of their adapted facility positioned on Earth’s moon.

Having altered the original power facilities on the moon and the one at Earth’s Core, they reversed all polarities of the energy beam which linked the moon with Earth’s Core (through the Bermuda triangle). This in itself not only changed the Frequency of Earth’s ozone layer, it also severed the original alignment of celestial colonies which had already been established. These for a very long time were lost in space and time. This is how planet of Earth had become linked with the aligned colonies held under bondage by these of the wicked colony, and so was then the government of the United States. Yes there have been war in heaven, and the wicked colony had prevailed, until now;

Earth Core is changing, it’s mantled plates have self started in a new arrangement, which is cutting off the unorthodox usage of it‘s accelerated hydrogen ions. For this reason all associated with the celestial alignment of this wicked colony will fall from their position. This in itself is both good and bad for the people associated with Earth’s Core. Because Earth as we know it, will soon be no more, BUT both the celestial people and surface dwellers associated with Earth, must soon be in a new place.

I am not a Profit; I am a Messenger, Anointed, Baptized and Sent;

15806 Winding Moss-B
Houston Texas 77060

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to the above:

I am Iron man!
I was turned to steel in the great magnetic field!

What an twit for posting such a long pile of poop.

As to the satunian moon, I have a theory for the internal energy, gnomes :)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Sod!
Dude I want some of whatever you've been smokin! That's some good stuff. You might even get a paying job if you write it up nice and pretty, you could get one of the scifi publishers to print it up. Maybe if you sell a few copies you can move out of your Mom's basement. You just need to get a good editor that knows a bit about that copy and paste thing so you don't keep repeating yourself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are two naturally occurring isotopes of aluminium: al-26 and the stable al-27. Indeed, most Al on Earth is in the form of al-27.

i presume what 'a babe in the universe' meant is that there is only one naturally occurring radionuclide of Al.

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