Thursday, May 08, 2014

Baby Bulge in Saturn Rings

Our Cassini spacecraft has spotted a bulge in Saturn's A Ring, thought to be an infant moon in the process of forming. From Time magazine:

It's a Moon! Saturn Expecting a Baby

Not long ago it was thought impossible for moons to form inside the Roche Limit, a mathematical distance within which Saturn's gravity would theoretically tear small moons apart. Since reaching Saturn in 2004 Cassini has found many satellites within the Roche Limit. The very existence of Saturn's Rings is one of the oldest mysteries in our Solar System. Without replenishment, the Rings would decay within 100 million years.

As readers of this blog know, Saturn's Rings could be home to countless tiny Black Holes, souvenirs from the Big Bang. These little objects would gather Ring materiel to them, creating moons like a pearls forming around grains of sand. Presence of microscopic Black Holes within the Rings would explain how they have endured possibly for billion of years. Saturn's Rings show conditions similar to the birth of our Solar System. Formation of the moons give clues to how our Earth and planets formed.


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