Sunday, October 07, 2012


Most scientific papers are lucky to reach a few dozen readers. This article has just passed 1000 free downloads: Calculation of Lunar Orbit Anomaly As a comparison, the novel "Gabriel's Inferno" had 4000 free downloads from before moving to Omnific and selling 165,000 copies. Published evidence that light slows down is going to be huge.


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Perhaps it is only a beginning to say light slows down, Einstein not wrong but the physics a little deeper than we see nature to be. But it is a start, surely many now see the great systems and new findings around black holes, and some think inside them with structure and patterns.

We are in a new era but need a little more creative substance to pin down what soon our finer eyes in the great arrays and colliders will open up to confirm part of the vastness for us.

L. Edgar Otto The PeSla

10:41 AM  

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