Friday, November 19, 2010

Time Machines

While waiting for the Shuttle launch, one can enjoy wandering the theme parks. At Universal one can meet Doc Brown from BACK TO THE FUTURE. His ideas on time seem to have been rejected by the scientific community. He doesn't appear to be teaching in a university or working in a government lab. If he were, he might have a hard time being original.

The time-travelling Delorean car. In the back is a "Mr. Fusion" power source, a souvenir from the year 2015. Science has long dreamed of nearly limitless power from fusion. Billions have been spent trying to control fusion, but breakthroughs tend to come from lone investigators. Hopefully some Tony Stark is building a mini-fusion reactor in his garage now.

Trapped in the late 19th century, Doc Brown went steampunk with this locomotive time machine. He attained happiness and true love, things which mainstream science has never found. Following "inflation" or "dark energy" has led to a divergence of speculations but no answers. Even if "dark energy" existed it would be so diffuse that it could not power a lightbulb, much less a flying car.

Another Curious character, who travelled into Space in one of his books. Curiosity and a desire to explore are not just a part of humanity, they are part of all sentient life.


Blogger nige said...

"Another Curious character, who travelled into Space in one of his books."

Not just in books! Monkeys (and dogs, but not "intelligent" New Zealand parrots!) were in space years before humans. ;-)

4:10 AM  

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