Thursday, November 05, 2009

Max Q, the Astronaut Band

Today's post was written at the Cafe Mediterranean, across Nasa Road One from Johnson Space Center. Frequently the Cafe hosts concerts by Max Q, the band made entirely of active duty astronauts! Left-right in front are Canadian Chris Hadfield on guitar, Educator Dottie Metcalf-Lunenbuyrger doing vocals, Dan Burbank on guitar. Not to worry, they've not quit their day jobs.

Max Q is the point of maximum aerodynamic pressure on an ascending spacecraft. The band was started in the 1980's and named by Robert "Hoot" Gibson. In the dark days following Challenger, the band provided needed pickup. Last week Max Q played at the annyal Ballunar fesstival in JSC. This band will play on as long as there are astronauts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, this is Bandella, not Max Q, and the people are not quite whom you list! Nevertheless, nice blog!

6:49 PM  
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