Monday, June 15, 2009


A defiant Persian woman waving the green flag standing up to the security forces this weekend. Supposedly the women have shown bravery in situations where men ran. Despite violent crackdowns and killings, the protests continues. The world has been watching with great interest and sympathy. Shortly this blog will link to more pictures and video.

According to the BBC, 1-2 million people marched in Tehran Monday.

Also from the weekend, CNN reports that students are pleading for the US not to accept this illegitimate government. Where is the US leadership? Why does the President of the US not strongly condemn the regime?

UPDATE: At his moment, there are reports of the Iranian Army moving into Tehran! The people still have strength in numbers--if the crowds stay strong, even an Army will have difficulty crushing them. A few IED's planted at strategic locations would help too. Where is the American President?



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