Saturday, August 23, 2008


Los Angeles Convention Center August 12, 2008

We've not had a lot of pictures lately, so here is the SIGGRAPH convention August 11-15. This is an annual event for computer graphics and a whole lot of fun. There are presentations by major graphics houses like Pixar, Disney and ILM. Computer simulations pay a big part in today's science.

What is this, a time machine? It's a device to make accurate recordings of a human face for movies like BEOWULF. At the left are stereoscopic cameras. The spherical lighting pattern provides even illumination.

This is ASTRO BOY from the classic anime and an upcoming movie. Instead of actual observations, some cosmologists rely on computer simulations. No simulation should be confused with reality. My computer says that Lara Croft can run and jump with those breasts.

Check out the new Carnival of Space!


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