Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One More X-Ray Photo

This X-Ray image is from the Japanese ASCA satellite. The CHICCAGO (Chasing Identity of Complex ASCA Galactic Objects) survey locates these X-Ray sources and correlates them to supernovae or other objects. This is source AX 3185015-0025, the X-Ray counterpart to Supernova remnant 32.4. Additional sources from the XMM-Newton spacecraft are shown in blue. Thanks to Gemma Anderson from University of Sydney for this photo.

Dennis Overbye in today's New York Times: "Critics of the Big Bang mutter darkly that all these mysterious elements in the equation are reminiscent of the epicycles, circles upon circles added to the orbits of the planets back in the Middle Ages to maintain the appearance that they were circling the Earth. Sometimes I wonder if the astrophysicists have been too glib for their own good. By adding dark energy and dark matter on top of black holes, they have overextended the 'dark' brand just when we need a fresh dose of wonder."

As a representative of the mainstream, Overbye must now repeat the sentiments of many physicists that "DARK ENERGY" DOESN'T EXIST. The Big Bang would indeed be in trouble if it relied upon these epicycles. We need to ask, why a Big Bang? Why does the Universe expand in the first place?

Scale of the Universe is its age multiplied by c, R = ct. As t increases R expands. A child can understand it.

The Universe can't expand at the same rate forever, so c is further related to t by GM = tc^3. This explains the "dark energy."

Since "dark energy" was considered a hot topic, to advance one's career physicists had to profess its existence. Many friends have been forced to lecture about DE even when personally doubting its existence. Do we all recall the Emperor's New Clothes? No doubt his suit was made of "dark energy." We can infer its existence by the reactions of the physicists fawning over it.


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