Thursday, November 18, 2010


Waiting for an STS-133 launch that doesn't happen isn't too bad. In central Florida there are many things to see, like the new Harry Potter attraction. The Wizarding World opened this Summer. Here is Hogwart's castle at the Universal theme park. Science must play a big part in Dumbledore's magic; the tallest point at Hogwart's is the Astronomy Tower. In the tower Dumbledore studies the Universe and possibly Space/Time.

The village of Hogsmeade on the way to Hogwart's, where the rooftops are covered in snow year-round. Having been discovered by tourists, today it is full of souvenir shops.

The Hogwart's Express.

Hermione's Time Turner, a gift from Dumbledore. A hand-held time machine is very handy for keeping up with school! The magical folk at Hogwart's long ago learned that Space and Time are one phenomenon related by R=ct, where c is a conversion factor commonly called the speed of light. Muggles will never, ever figure out such a simple expression. We can see why wizards shy away from those who just can't get it. The magical world is much more fun and rewarding!

NEXT: More movie time machines.


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