Thursday, April 23, 2009

Failure Is Not an Option

April 21, 2009

This is the Flight Director's chair in Apollo Mission Control. The room is a national historical monument, important for all history. The flag flying in the background actually went to the Moon. Over the drinking fountain is a mirror that travelled with Apollo 13. In the future this little blog hopes to give a first-hand account of a drive to reach the Moon. Once upon a time advocates of space flight were thought foolish, like people who say the speed of light can change. Today we are making plans and cutting metal for a return to the Moon.

Monday we had the good fortune to meet former Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale. His blog also gives an insider account of NASA. Back in February he complained that alternative choices about programs had not been presented to him, Wayne Hale Speaks Up. He seemed pleased that someone rides to work on a motorcycle!

Recently in Building 30 we heard a talk by the real thing, Flight Director Gene Krantz. While hundreds of people have become astronauts, there have only been about 80 flight directors. Krantz talked about his experiences from before Mercury to Apollo 13. He was very pleased to see so many young men and women working at NASA. His experiences are an inspiration to everyone exploring the unknown.

More photos from Johnson Space Center soon!

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