Saturday, March 07, 2009

Send in the Clowns

Congratulations Kea! After waiting long months for a visa, she has finally reached her new post in Oxford. She has displayed boundless patience and support. Her scientific work will add greatly to the United Kingdom.

Clowns and circus performers are the latest victims of British bureacracy. In November the Home Office introduced a points system to control immigration. Like Kea, it is easy for an honest performer to get a high score. Because of bad software and poorly trained staff, visas are often denied or delayed. This interferes with the itinerary of travelling performers, often stranding them outside the UK.

Many scientist, including this one, have missed appointments because of Britain's insane Home Office. Terrorists are not so delayed--perhaps Britain should keep them out and let honest people in. As has been stated here before, Britain's problems come not from without but from within. Circus performers are not a terrorist threat to Britain. Better for the country to let in as many clowns in as possible. They are infinitely better than the clowns in Downing Street.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that I'm here, it really does appear that the UK Home Office is keeping out large numbers of performers and academics through sheer incompetency. Even weirder, I was told that the new points system is based on the Australian one. It is quite simple, and it boggles the mind that they cannot understand it.

Remote Kea

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