Thursday, February 12, 2009

STS-134 Is On

Way back in June 2008 this blog first suggested a Shuttle mission designated STS-134 to deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, A Sacrifice For AMS?Today NASA has officially put STS-134 on the launch manifest with a projected launch date of September 16, 2010. The idea of retiring a Shuttle in Space was seen as so revolting that there is now funding for a full 2-way mission with a full crew.

The person who suggested STS-134 now has an office at Johnson Space Center. Just last Monday I talked with astronaut Dave Wolf, who was heavily in favour of the added mission. Astronauts have a lot of influence on what flies--they love the AMS mission because it means new physics and seven more flight slots.

Happy birthday Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln! Today everyone considers Lincoln a great president, but in his time the country was literally divided over his leadership. Darwin was also considered crazy in his time. There are people out there today who still doubt Darwin, but we will never please everyone. 200 years from now some will still think that the speed of light is fixed, like the Earth.

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