Friday, February 27, 2009

Spacesuit and an Award

UPDATE: Here are pictures of the new suits. The skintight suit is an advanced project. NASA prefers to use hardware simliar to Apollo 40 years ago.

The George M. Low Quality and Performance Award is NASA’s premier honor for quality and performance. Oceaneering Space Systems (OSS) was nominated by Johnson Space Center, and received the award yesterday. Separately on Friday, Oceaneering signed the contract to develop the new Constellation Space Suit System. OSS originally won the contract in June 2008, but a protest caused the process to be delayed. Oceaneering now leads a team including the David Clark company, Paragon Space Systems and Hamilton-Sundstrand.

The Configuration 1 CSSS suit will be used during launch and entry of the Orion spacecraft, and for contingency EVA. The contract also includes options for support, training and more suits. Configuration 2 provides capability for EVA and walking on the Moon. The contract could extend to 2020, the Moon and beyond. With contracts being signed and suits being sewn, it looks like we are going to the Moon.

Check out the new Carnival of Space!



Blogger Greg said...

That doesn't happen to be the company you were modeling the 'skin' suit for is it? To me that looks like a much more practical design than the current portable spaceships that NASA is using.

6:04 PM  
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