Monday, December 08, 2008

Chief Miles O'brien

Miles O'brien has been inexplicably cut loose from CNN. The sinking network is dismantling its entire science, space, environment and technology unit. They will continue to report on wars, senseless crimes and vapid celebrities. Last month Aviation Week magazine closed its Cape Canaveral Bureau, sacking longtime reporters Dave Hughes, Craig Covault, and Dave Collogan. This May we heard Miles speak at the ISDC Dinner. Some out there may recall the enormous media attention when humans first reached the Moon. The future will be very exciting with a "c change" in physics. Our generation may finally reach the Moon. Private Space is already selling tickets. Technology changes our lives by the minute. Earth's environment is a continuing concern. Who will report on Space now?


Blogger High Power Rocketry said...

: )

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Blogger Unknown said...

Who will report on space (and tech) now?

We will.

I spent a good bit of time talking to O'brien and Gene Cernan at KSC during the events for the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11. The two of them were supposed to do a lot of small live bits during the day on CNN, but that was also the day that JFK jr. died, so they did a lot of standing around. I enjoyed talking to O'brien. I was overwhelmed talking to Cernan.

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