Friday, September 19, 2008

Alien Life

This blog enjoys exploring a strange world and unusual forms of life. A census of Australia's reefs has found hundreds of new species. This white topped coral crab crab has claws bigger than its body. The segmented forms of shellfish could resemble future spacesuits.

This dendronepthya or soft coral was found near Lizard Island.

Pohls sea urchins, also found off Lizard Island. This writer had the great pleasure of studying in Australia. Lizard Island also contains an excellent resort surrounded by the Reef. Creatures in this weightless environment may hint at the forms of alien life.

This tardigrade, or "water bear," is an eight-legged creature about 1.5 millimeters long. In extreme environments it can suspend all biological activity. In a dehydrated state it can survive great heat, cold and even the vacuum of Space. A colony of them spent 10 days in Space aboard an ESA spacecraft called FOTON-M3. Tardigrades survived solar UV radiation 1000 times more intense than that of Earth's surface. These tardigrade's survival lends support to panspermia, the idea that life could cross Space to seed other worlds.

In deep sea vents, scientists have found organisms surviving at temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius. The vents are warmed by geothermal heat originating deep in Earth's interior. The source of interior heat is still unexplained, but could conceivably come from a tiny Black Hole in Earth's centre. Worlds as diverse as Ceres and Europa appear to contain oceans. All these worlds are potential abodes of alien life.

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Blogger Clowncar said...

I love those water bears.

I'm also quite fond of your ideas about black holes in ordinary places: the earth, the sun, moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

5:53 AM  
Blogger qraal said...

Charles Sheffield wrote a whole series of short stories about the uses of mini black-holes... "The McAndrews Chronicles" 1 & 2 collected them. He imagined a zone of PBHs orbitting the solar system - perhaps he was right?

6:23 PM  
Blogger L. Riofrio said...

cc, am glad that you enjoy the posts.

Thanks, graal. Sheffield was a fine writer in addition to being a scientist, and maybe he was prescient about PBH's. Some ideas are so revolutionary they can only be published as Sci Fi.

3:10 AM  
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Anonymous Sildenafil said...

I think you are right, IT'S A STRANGE WORLD! I couldn't believe those pictures... I still wondering, do they need water to live like us? they seems like Aliens, indeed. I would like to know more about it, where I can find more sources?

6:13 AM  
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