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Five spacecraft flybys of Earth out of six show an anomaly in their orbital paths. Data from Galileo's two flybys, the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous, the Rosetta mission to a comet, Cassini to Saturn and MESSENGER to Mercury were examined. NEAR, for instance, was travelling 13 millimeters per second faster than expected. The anomaly will subject of a paper in Physical Review Letters.

The one exception was MESSENGER, which approached Earth from 31 degrees North and left at about 32 degrees South. This path was in a plane containg Earth's centre, which may be a clue. Flybys that are asymnetrical about the equator seem to show the anomaly. Such an effect would not be noticed by the many Earth-orbiting satellites, for their orbits are coplanar with Earth's centre. This strongly suggests that the anomaly is connected with Earth's rotation.

Earth's spin naturally causes a slight acceleration which had been accounted for. This is related to the relativistic frame-dragging effect. If a spacecraft like NEAR is given an extra anomalous velocity, it could mean that part of Earth is rotating much faster. The detailed calculations will take some time, but this anomaly may be another reason to suspect a Black Hole in Earth's core.

Update: The Black Hole is tiny, barely 1/10 of a millimeter in radius but weighing nearly as much as the Moon. It is far too tiny to suck us up, and consumes about as much mass in a year as a human eats. That small amount, partially converted to radiation, keeps Earth's core hot. The Black Hole dates from a time near the Big Bang. When our solar system was just a gas cloud Earth formed around the singularity like a pearl around a grain of sand. Our planet and life would not have formed without this little hole.


Blogger Kea said...

Yes, that many flybys sounds like enough for a quantitative correction to the assumed mass distribution of the Earth. I look forward to further posts!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Matti Pitk√§nen said...

Hi Louise and Kea,

the new data about Flyby anomaly allowed to work in more detail the model of Flyby anomaly based on the assumption dark matter is at tube along the Earth's orbit. See my blog.

Gravimagnetism is involved but this force is not between space-craft and Earth (this option fails already at qualitative level) but between Earth and the tube and induces a deformation of tube to equatorial plane accompanying the motion of Earth. Model leads to a closed formula for the energy increment and
is consistent with various
factrs at qualitative level(energy gain is always positive, the effect increase as a function of total energy of spacecraft, the effect is smallest for symmetric situation with respect to
equatorial plane,...)

The effect serves also as an indirect support for TGD variant of gravimagnetic field which differs from dipole field in that it has no radial component and becomes strong near poles and coincides with GRT prediction only at equator.

11:59 PM  
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