Monday, September 10, 2007


Every galaxy like our Milky Way contains at its centre a massive Black Hole. Astronomers have found these supermassive Black Holes at redshifts of Z = 6, formed less than 500 million years after the Big Bang. Theories of Black Hole formation from stars can not account for these massive objects. This development was predicted by a brief paper back in 2004. Stuffing a lot of information into a short paper is not easy, but we have:

"Another exciting prospect is the formation of large-scale singularities. Primordial Black Holes are an acknowldedged consequence of density fluctuations, their size limited only by the horizon distance. There is growing consensus that large Black Holes accompanied early evolution of quasars and galaxies. Theory provides an origin to these structures. The horizon allowed density fluctuations to form singularities with a large range of masses. These massive Black Holes would have seeded the formation of clusters, galaxies, and possibly objects within galaxies."

Last week Dr. Mitchell Begelman from University of Colorado published Did Supermassive Black Holes Form By Direct Collapse?

"Despite years of study, we still do not know how the seeds of supermassive black holes formed. Few if any of the pathways in Martin Rees’s famous flowchart (Begelman & Rees 1978) can be ruled out, but none of the routes is particularly well understood, either. What we do know is that some very massive (>10^9 M⊙) black holes had to exist by z∼6 in order to explain early quasars (Fan 2006).

Begelman offers suggestions to how Black Holes could form directly from gravitational collapse without stopping to be matter first. Physicists like Hawking believe that primordial Black Holes formed directly from quantum fluctuations. Size of a primordial singularity is limited by a horizon distance that light can travel. Previously it was thought that PBH's would be tiny because of a small value of c. One way to form Black Holes quickly is with a higher speed of light.

On another topic, a scientist has recent bad experience with what is happening to women in the UK. Carol Gould has written some interesting stories are here and here.



Blogger Нетурей Карта said...

Where can i find more information about GM=CT^3 theory ?

7:58 PM  
Blogger L. Riofrio said...

Hi alex. Just check the links and my previous blog posts.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To what journal did you submit your 2004 paper?


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